Coming across as a know-it-all irritates others, and makes you look like an idiot. That’s not classy at all”… I murmured, before driving off. Treats women with respect. A classy man uses fashion as a tool when it comes to finding specific wardrobe pieces that would highlight his personal style while ensuring they are appropriate. Perfect control is guided by your inner principles, and by your integrity. If you want to find out which category you fall under, whether you are a classy man or just a stylish man, please use these equations below: A STYLISH MAN + GENTLEMAN TRAITS = CLASSY MAN The Top 5 Attributes That Hinder Job Promotions…, Overcoming the Handicaps that Stand in our Way to Success…, Becoming a Better Person is the Secret to Building Better Relationships…, Well fitting clothes, clean, starched and ironed, Not overly perfumed or wearing strong after shave (doesn’t leave a trail), Has good posture; walks with confidence, with head up and shoulders back, Conservative about tattoos and body piercing, or better still has none at all, Abstains from tobacco and drugs which denigrates looks. Something very rare today. Classy people aren’t nosey or back biters; they mind their own business, and are gracious and affable toward everyone. These are characteristics that I want to cultivate in my own life. Personally I ve learnt so much from your blogs. When he sang his song he did a remarkable job. I appreciate your feedback Francis, thanks for always reading. Holding the car door open is a must for men (Image: Getty) 3. Sadly today a lot of youth had rather wear their pants below their butt and look like something dragged from a rag bag, and walk and talk like a throw back. Pingback: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS! * A good dressing sense; Smart and Elegant. // ]]> A classy woman is confident, genuine and has well-established principles. A classy woman always shines with great confidence and modesty before everything else. She has a good knowledge of her strengths and weaknesses. A man can’t allow his desire to help at every opportunity to cloud his judgement for the best way to help the most people. It is one of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list. It should make us angry when someone is being mistreated, and drive us to come to their aid if possible. She knows what she can handle and what she has to stay away from. A classy woman is not a mean girl. I believe that success can be built through style. If you want to find out which category you fall under, whether you are a classy man or just a stylish man, 1. Doing things that inconvenience others, like being late or making them wait on you isn’t classy. Shutterstock. It’s already an established fact that all Ladies love gentlemen not boys with SWAG. Ayy ayy ??. I also learned her name was Dorothy.”  Joann C. Jones, Kindness probably touches people more than any other virtue, “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”  ~Mark Twain. All rights reserved, Christian Personal Development for Successful People. Open doors for them, pull out chairs, and is classy. The classy man understands value and quality. And only smoke during special occasions and never get drunk while drinking. He only hangs out in classy restaurants, hotels, and bars. As it goes, classy women exhibit certain habits and can easily be picked out from a crowd. A man who is respectful and considerate of those around him. To be classy, you must be subtle in many areas of your life. A classy man is out to get what he wants without deterring from his goals. THE CLASSY MAN HAS A HIGH AMOUNT OF CONFIDENCE A classy man is by default a bold, confident and fearless man. You don’t have to have all the attributes mentioned above to be considered classy. Bragging is not classy in any way. Character. Subtlety implies a degree of moderation, lack of flamboyance, lack of impulse to attract attention, and generally not trying too hard. Even if they don’t agree with what other people say or do, they still express that they understand their point of view. Always avoid the appearance of desperation when meeting and talking with others, whether it is a potential date or selling for your business; this turns people off quickly. If you need help in developing your personal style, stay glued to this blog and in no time you will achieve it. Classy people. He knows how to carry himself very well and he is very comfortable in his own skin. She is never jealous of other women. The first rule of being a classy woman is that you should respect yourself. He is someone who respects women and treats them the way they should be treated. There are hundreds of articles to help you on this website, Website Contents , in your person growth. //
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